Comfortable Divan Beds – Hotel Luxury In Your Own Home

If you would love to recreate the luxury of a hotel bed in your own bedroom, try following my upgrade advice.

Frame And Headboard
Choose a frame and headboard to match your tastes. I recommend getting a divan bed like these on Whether you prefer a classic look or a contemporary trend, choose something that makes you exciting about going to bed.

Feng Shui
Do your research or hire an expert to ensure your bed is in the best spot to achieve quality sleep. Avoid under windows and never place your bed in line with the door. Always keep your bed made as an untidy bed erodes your chi.

Invest in a high-quality mattress, whether cotton/polyester, memory foam or even a waterbed and try before you buy.

Bedding Protectors
Another wise investment to protect against dust mites and bed bugs as well as being ideal for preventing wear and tear and staining from spillages.

Mattress Pad
Improve your comfort with a mattress pad or feather bed. There is a huge choice of materials to choose from including Egyptian cotton, wool fleece and feathers. For something a little different, you could even choose a pad made from bamboo fibers.

Look for the best quality sheets made from good quality fabrics. 100% cotton sateen is a good choice, as is linen or percale. Choose colors to suit your taste and personality as there is a huge selection available. You could even opt for embroidered sheets for a touch of class.

Blankets are not only a style statement but they keep you warm and cozy during the night. There is a range of fabrics to choose from including silk and cashmere, so choose different options for winter and summer. Wool is perfect for colder months while cotton is best for warmer weather.

Pillows make your bed feel truly luxurious. Why not buy a range of pillows of all types so that you can select one that best suits your needs that day. Whether you are in the mood for an overfilled duck down pillow or would prefer a synthetic one, make sure you have all the options you could require. You can even find pillows to alleviate medical problems such as neck pain, allergies, and acid reflux, and if the weather is warm, why not opt for a temperature regulating pillow!

Finish off your perfect luxury bed with some stylish decorations and a touch of bling. You could go for some decorative pillow shams or cushions, or perhaps a stylish and colorful throw to liven up your room. Whether you choose to go over the top with decorative items or go for a minimalist feel, you can take the opportunity to arrange your bed to suit your individual style and tastes.