Eyelash Extensions Save Time In Make Up

A quick online search will reveal the great number of permanent make up and semi permanant eyelashes salons in the UK, and it should not be too difficult for everyone to find one within their own area.

Women always want to look their best, but in today’s fast paced world they do not always have time to spend on make-up first thing in the morning, and touch-ups throughout the day. This is where eyelash extensions are helpful, and more are more women are turning to this solution each day. These experts are thoroughly trained in the application of eyelash extensions, and while a full set may require quite a long session, the end result will save so much time in the future, as there will be no need to apply and reapply Mascara.

Eyelash extensions are fixed individually to each natural eyelash, and will last just as long as the real eyelashes, which will of course eventually fall out; taking the extensions with them. This means that follow-up appointments will be necessary to reattach extensions to the new lashes as they grow, but even so this will involve far less time than repeated make up applications.