London Bike Couriers – The Best Choice for Urgent Delivery

Today it is incredible to think, but the truth is, the average speed of London’s traffic is virtually the same as it was one hundred years ago. When you consider this it is easy to understand why more and more companies are using London bike courier services: Especially when time is of the essence. It is a simple and basic fact, a bike can move through London’s heavy, congested streets far easier than a delivery van or car. They are not subject to parking restrictions etc. and can move through traffic jams without a hitch. Hence, particularly when it comes to delivery within the more central, business districts of London’s capital, more and more companies are turning to bike courier services. Without all the obstacles these delivery companies can actually offer more predictable and so accurate delivery times.

What Can They Deliver?

You would be surprised! Bike couriers can actually deliver a huge variety of items: photographs, legal documents, gifts, clothes – Everything from the mundane to the absolute important. Some documents could be sent via email of course. However, large documents can be tricky to send. Putting data onto a disc and sending it by express delivery will often save a lot of hassle and so be faster when you look at the big picture. Legal and sensitive documents are also sent, almost routinely, by express courier – No matter the level of cryptography and security on an email account or fax, sending the information directly from one hand to another removes all the risks involved with regards to the digital world.

Premium Service

With the arrival of technology and the internet many believed the bike courier would become a thing of the past. To a point, this was true. However, today particularly in busy cosmopolitan areas such as London the demand for a fast and reliable courier service is on the up and up as people realise the benefits of using a hand to hand service. This is a premium service, without doubt. Compared to ordinary mail it is faster, more secure and therefore somewhat specialised. Because of this the cost is usually higher. However, particularly when you have that all important document, the extra benefits and peace of mind are definitely worth the money. Maria Smith who runs Central London couriers, says there are significant advantages to having a premium account.

Most of the best bike courier companies use the latest technology to track items, as well as their couriers: The moment your package is delivered you will be one of the first to know! London is a very big place. Even people who’ve lived there all their lives only have a vague idea of it’s streets and zones. Using the latest technology and their own experience, these bike couriers know exactly where to go and the best way to get there – When you are in a hurry their experience and knowledge can be worth it’s weight in gold! Prices do vary and you might think bike delivery is more expensive than it actually is. Indeed, you might be very pleasantly surprised by price verses service. The best way to find out? Get in touch and do the maths!