Moving from the UK to Spain

Travelling can be sweet if you have done proper preparation for it. Otherwise, you can feel frustrated and wish that you did not travel. Therefore, every time you want to move from one country to another for short or long-term purposes, you got to plan yourself well. Moving from the UK to Spain calls for the same preparation. For your preparation when moving from the UK to Spain, there are things you should ensure that you put in place so enjoy your visit or stay in Spain. Here they are:
1. Application for Spanish ID

Before you go to Spain, you will have to apply for the Spanish foreigner’s Identification Card (número de identificación de extranjería). With this ID you will be able to operate in Spain without limitations. Applying for the ID while in Spain may lower the speed of your operations. Imagine going to Spain for business reasons, you will have to visit many offices and interact with many other people. This may not be possible for you. The state provides you with such an ID to make your stay comfortable in the state.
2. Prepare the health department of UK

The healthcare of UK only covers you if you are residing in the state. Before you leave the UK, you should inform the healthcare system that you will be away from either permanently or for short time. This will help the health system to either withhold your medical cover in case you would be back or terminate it if you are changing citizenship to Spain. If you are changing citizenship, terminating the cover will be to your advantage since you will be free to get the free health services in Spain. However, if you are going for a visit, your UK health cover can be withheld until you go back.
3. Confirm to have a valid driving license

As much are you might be busy planning to leave for Spain, take some time and just confirm that your driving license is still valid. Maybe you are moving to Spain with your car or you are planning to drive another car while in Spain. Having the UK driving license will fasten the process of having a Spain driving license without having to go to driving school in Spain again.
4. Registration of Spanish address

Once you finally land in Spain and probably have chosen the physical address of where you want to settle, you can now go ahead and register it. Simply move to any address registration and register yourself. Having done this, you start getting permission to operate freely in Spain without restrictions. At this point, you are no longer a visitor. However, do not register your address if you are not planning to change your citizenship to Spanish.