Styling Your Oak Furniture

Oak furniture offers versatility, quality and style. It is a blank canvas for you to get creative and produce a room for that you can enjoy. Discover how you can use your oak furniture to create a look you will love.

Finding Your Personal Style

The key to your dream room is to find the colours, accessories and furniture that suit your personal taste. You’ll find a great choice at The beauty of oak is that it can be adapted to any style, whether you like traditional rooms, or contemporary spaces. If you are unsure on what will look good in your home, take a look at our tips on finding your personal style.

Which Room Are You Styling? Always start by thinking about the space you are decorating and which pieces you will need. The size of your room will have an effect on the furniture you choose and your overall style.

Deciding Your Colour Palette – Think about what mood you would like to create and make a collage of colours and patterns you like. This will help you find the best colour palette to suit your oak furniture.

Create a Personality: To bring even more character into the room, search for interesting furniture accessories. Why not try collecting interesting photographs, or vintage ornaments? Don’t underestimate the power of these clever finishing touches.

Oak Furniture Style Tips

If you’re still unsure which style will work with your furniture, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Bold & Beautiful: If you’re feeling brave, why not pair your pieces with bright, statement colours. This style is ideal for a dining room, or a living room, that will stand out. Bring out the rich tones of an oak dining table, coffee table with a brightly coloured feature wall.

Soft & Feminine: Chooser lighter tones for a fresh, feminine style. This will look great bedroom decorated with pastel colours, or in a light contemporary living space. Its all about accessorising, so have fun finding the perfect prints and finishing touches to highlight your furniture.

Warm & Traditional: Oak furniture with deep colours and iron detailing will create an antique inspired traditional room. To enhance your furniture, look out for vintage wallpaper and authentic accessories.

Vintage-Inspired: Go retro with a room that exudes vintage charm. Choose antique oak designs with intricate detailing, such as iron handles and carvings. Pair your authentic furniture with accessories bought from charity shops, markets and vintage stalls.