Traditional Cast Iron Fireplaces

cast iron fireplaces

I was talking to my partner whoo suggested we look for a new heating system for our living room. I immediately thought of the cast iron fireplaces that we had at the stables, and Rob found some beautiful fireplaces that were just like the ones I remembered, online.

Last week I bumped into my old friend, Alison. We’ve known each other since we were two horse mad school kids. We dropped into a coffee shop and started reminiscing about our childhood. In those far off days, the local riding centre was run by a young woman called Cynthia. We spent all our weekends, spare hours and school holidays hanging around her stables.

The tack room was our domain. Here we prepared the grooming kits, washed bits and saddle-soaped the tack. This was where we ate our sandwiches, always leaving the rinds for our favourite pony. In the centre of the tack room was one of those old fashioned cast iron fireplaces. This warmed us up beautifully after cold winter treks. I still remember the awful smell of melting rubber when Alison left her leaky wellies to dry out, on top of the stove.

Our mad passion for horse gave way to crazes about teenage idols. Alison fell for Donnie Osmond, while I loved David Cassidy. Cynthia sold the stables, and we all lost touch.

We are now eagerly awaiting delivery!