What Exactly Is Benefit Fraud?

If you did not already know, those who commit benefit fraud cost the UK government millions of pounds each year. In addition due to the fiscal deficit, this also placed a bigger burden on the taxpayer.

On a number of occasions, the government has warned that those found guilty of committing benefit fraud will be dealt with firmly. In many cases, the government requests those who have defrauded the system to pay back all the benefits which were overpaid to them. They also face prosecution in court, and are wise to seek the services of a fraud solicitor like benefitfraudexpertslondon.com.

Here are a number of ways in which people commit benefit fraud:

  • When a person is working but they do not declare this when they claim for a benefit. These people will often work jobs where they are paid cash in hand. In addition, these people could also face charges of tax evasion.
  • When a person claims to be living as a single person when in actual fact they are living with a partner.
  • When a person claims to be living at a certain address but they in actual fact do not stay there.
  • When a person does not fully disclose their personal income, their savings or their capital at the time of applying for benefits.
  • When a person who has no right to claim for Housing or Council Tax Reduction does so.
  • When a person sub-lets their property and fails to inform the government of this.
  • When a person fails to mentions that they have other adults living on their property who are paying for their stay.

What you need to report someone for benefit fraud:

When you decide to report someone for benefit fraud you will need to give the government as much information as possible. You do not have to disclose your own identity and can choose to remain anonymous.

Information which the government needs include:

  • The name of the person committing benefit fraud.
  • The address where the person is living
  • They type of fraud you suspect they are committing.

What do you need to know about reporting benefit fraud?

After you have reported someone you suspect of committing benefit fraud the Department for Work and Pensions Fraud and Error Service will investigate the matter from the information you supplied to them. It is important to note that the department will not be able to give you feedback on the outcome of the investigation.

The Fraud and Error Service will take action only once they can confirm that the person reported has committed benefit fraud. In some cases, no action is taken against the person reported. But, in cases where an action is taken, those who commit benefit fraud face criminal charges in court. They will also have their benefits suspended pending the outcome of the court proceedings.

In cases where no action is taken against those reported it could simply mean that the person already declared any changes to their circumstances and it was found that the change did not affect their benefit pay-out.