Why Electronic Cigarettes Shouldn’t Be Classed As Medicine

Currently there is a great range of e cigs available – a quick online search for the best e cig reviews proves this – however if they were to be treated as a medicine, this great diversity of products will be lost. A European Commission proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal was rejected last year and there are many reasons why e-cigs should not be classed as such. For starters, the main principle of the electronic cigarettes is to provide a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco smoking and hence get as many smokers as possible to make the switch – classing e-cigs as medicinal could prove counter-productive to this aim if the legislation were to only leave behind a worthless unappealing range of medicinal products.

If electronic cigarettes were to be classed as medicine innovation will be slowed down and possible great potential of where the products are heading will be lost. There is also the problem that legislation could have the perverse effect of giving a boost to homemade products and the black market, which could in turn become a lot more dangerous than the current lightly, regulated commercial market. Finally, consider the functionality of the e-cigs: commonly used when the user has a craving for nicotine. It is wrong to say that electronic cigarettes are devices intended to make the user quit smoking, they are still fuelled by our habits and hence not a medicine.